Traditional Croatian Klapa Singing

About Us

KlapaDooWopella is one of the world's oldest ongoing musical ensembles devoted exclusively to singing a cappella.

KlapaDooWopella specializes in traditional Croatian "Klapa" singing. Klapa singers are a cappella minstrels that hang out on boat docks and street corners along the Adriatic coast of Croatia.

The passionate harmonic blend of traditional Klapa songs evokes uncaught fish, raging seas, and lost love. Despite forays into other genres, the quartet always returns to its first love, the moan of the sea that is the primal chord of the Klapa song.

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KlapaDooWopella was formed in 1979 in Seattle. The name "KlapaDooWopella" comes from the "klapa" music of the Dalmatian Coast, "DooWop" music from the streets of America, and all sung in "acapella" style. Thus, KlapaDooWopella. We sing klapa music, doo-wop music, folk songs and holiday tunes for special events. We perform actively in the Seattle area and around the world. Performance venues include folk festivals, pubs, street corners and private parties. Contact us to have KlapaDooWopella sing at your next event.

The members of the quartet are Justin Ferris (High Tenor), Jeff Carter(2nd Tenor), Ted Hunter (Lead), Jim Hoath (Baritone) & Bill Weis (Bass). We hope to sing for you someday -- live or by CD.